Once again – BaltLED among the best

On the 8th of September we have received an award and were acknowledged as one of the best fast developing companies in Lithuania. This year the award was presented by mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius (on the right) and Ugnius Jankauskas, the CEO of Verslo Žinios newspaper and the organizer of the event (on the left).

New stars have been discovered

Yet another piece of great news we are eager to share!

Have you heard about Crown OPTO X family? Now we have extended our coverage and go to bigger depths with new X2, X3 and X4 modules.

Also, red options will be available soon. 

Check them out and inquire for samples!


BaltLED celebrates 11th birthday

12th of April 2005 - this is when we officially began our quest to improve the quality of people's everyday life by creating unique solutions. It has been amazing so far: long and interesting journey of growing evolving, changing understanding and creating. We are grateful for all the partners and friends we have found, bonds we made. While blowing the candles, we are looking forward for new partnerships, challenges and growth that waits ahead. Thank you for being with us!

Just arrived - BaltLED power supplies updates

We have just renewed and updated power supplies product range. Improved quality comes with better prices and new warranty policy. Great features, 3 and 5 year 24h/day warranty, broad spectrum, covering all main applications. Try them out!

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