BaltLED shines at RESTA 2016

Once again the biggest main annual event of construction business in the Baltic countries RESTA takes place. This time we are here with smart solutions for commercial and industrial lighting, featuring new Fulmar luminaires. The exhibition takes place in Vilnius from 27th to 30 th of April, so you still have time to visit us!

Retrofit Tubes - new product solves old problems

They emit heat, they are fragile (made of glass), they are not waterproof, they contain led and they are technologically outdated. Our product has none of these features mentioned here. Although, we couldn’t say the same about T8 and T12 tubes, that are used to illuminate bus stations and big light boxes. Therefore, we introduce Retrofit Tubes. They bring all the benefits of LED technology and they fit perfectly into T8 and T12 holders: you need no qualified personnel for the installation. Also you can save up to 40% of energy costs.

Hunting for new team members at VGTU CAREER DAYS`16

Michael Jordan once said, that talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. BaltLED continues to grow, therefore, we always seek to find new talents to join our team. To find new bright minds, this time we have ventured to Vilnius Technical University (VGTU) Career Days`16. It was both productive and fun, also we had unexpected guests like Gintautas Kvietkauskas, the president of Lithuanian Engineering Industry Association visiting our stand. Take a look at our video from the hunt!



Already a tradition in BaltLED – creative way of keeping your goals around

Do you have a habit of making new year resolutions? How do you stay motivated and focused on your goals all year long? In BaltLED we have an interesting solution to keep your goals around and sync in effectively. We convert them into pieces of art! It is already a tradition, that at the beginning of each year we gather, share and discuss what is important for us.  Next, we crystallize 5 core goals, values for the whole year. What follows? Afterwards, we give that list to an artist, who makes a painting, converting our goals into a piece of art. Little flags with the same painting and the core values, goals appear in every work place. Therefore, they are always around and the image syncs in much better than tekst. This is how we always stay focused on our goals. So what is important for BaltLED in 2016?  Watch our video: click on the link below.



Fulmar – new industrial and commercial luminaires are ready to fly

We are proud to introduce you with a new family of LED luminaires – Fulmar. Fulmar are here to illuminate all industrial and commercial facilities: warehouses, parking lots, bus and train stations, cold storage facilities, stadiums and other. With Fulmar you will have a single clean design luminaire, that can bring you light from a great range of heights (2 to 30 meters), additionally, they have emergency lighting and DALI dimming controller options to effectively reduce energy consumption. With IP65 protection class and rigid construction these luminaires will serve you for more than 60,000 hours with L70 for the warranty period. Fulmar – a reliable lighting solution for a long run. Or for a long flight to be more precise.

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